Fernando Mauri

Inductotherm Manager

The improvement of the event in  comparison with 2016 was clear. This reflects how the market is heating up and we are going to have good business opportunities over the next months. In addition, we are satisfied with the technical quality of the audience attending the event with clear purposes: search for innovation, technology and focus on business.

Mário Di Caterina

Deumex Director

The fair produced the expected outcomes and the quality of attendants was a surprise. These are professionals focused on processes, equipment and business. We managed to contact at least five business opportunities in the short term.

Fred Ziegler

Ztech Director

We received a qualified audience since day one. Professionals interested in innovation; we expected to close big businesses after the trade fair, taking into account the search for innovation and the quality of the professionals who attended the fair



The public brought new ideas and demands for products that can be developed", he adds. Together, the free workshops and lectures totaled 36 hours of training.

Rafael Kozoski

KNX Alumínio

We took part for the first time in the round and this is a very productive opportunity of having access to suppliers. We make direct contact with the buyer, which makes it easier to get to right person. I am excited with the business opportunities.

Gustavo Zattar

Embraco Indirect Supplies

We evaluated good opportunities in microcasting and chemical processes. Participating in the round has been productive to meet new suppliers and innovative product options in the market.

Fernando Marcos Consoni

Consoni Corsul Marketing Manager

This was our first participation in Metalurgia. In addition to promoting our expertise in PPEs, we presented the other industrial solutions for foundries. We identified opportunities of future business in different states.

Rafael Minatti

Minatti Business Manager

This was our first Metalurgia with  great potential for new businesses and imports to develop the plants in the sector. The trade fair attracted foundries from all over the country.

Reginaldo Andrade

Euromac Business Manager

We have positioned ourselves as one of the flagship companies of the fair and support the event in our region. We noticed an increased attendance in comparison with the 2016 edition, with technical quality and search for solutions. We recorder consultations of ongoing projects and demands that we should consolidate in the short/medium term

Wilson Hernandes - Diretor

Anacom Científica Director

We have participated in previous editions and after a few years away from the fair we returned and our expectations were exceeded. Our company operates in a very specific market of material analysis equipment for foundries and the automobile industry.

Ivo Pruner - Diretor

Weld Vision Director

Participating in Metalurgia is always productive, because it attracts a selected audience interested in new products and technologies. In this edition, in partnership with Senai, we held the Augmented Reality Welding Space where professionals or students are trained in the best conditions and using cutting-edge technology. All aspects are evaluated in the computer, from ergonomics to proper process execution.

Afonso Gonzaga

ABIFA President

The trade fair drives development, management, innovation and technology because it allows companies to invest in manufacturing plant technology innovation. The sector plays a significant role in the development of the country as it employs 64,000 professionals and its annual sales amount to 6.5 billion dollars.

Thiago Barros

Fiven Business Director

Metalurgia has shown its strength even in a difficult time for the industry. We are very satisfied with the event and optimistic with the opportunities that came out from the contacts we made. In the stand, several customers visited us and we made important contacts. I highlight the presentation of a technical work on the use of Silicon Carbide in the Casting industry, which attracted different professionals from the Casting industry and allowed us to promote our product.


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